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"World without women"

"Mundo sem mulheres" is a stop motion spot made for Globo TV and produced by Animaking. Globo is a Brazilian TV channel and one of the biggest channels in the world. The spot is for a reality show about men taking care of their kids and house, when their wives leave for a well deserved vacation.

We were asked to make this spot using stop motion, which is an animation technique where one uses a puppet and takes pictures (24 frames/sec) to create the movie. 

We will here show you how we made this spot, and go through all the steps necessary in order to create a stop motion animation.

Step 1: Animatic.

Before we started making the puppet and taking pictures, we made an animatic. The animatic is the movie we're planning to make, showing how the animation should turn out in the end, and it gives us a more detailed plan of how the scenes will look, like camera positioning, timing, shoot by shoot.

When we start animating and in post production, the animatic will be a good help for us (and for the client too).

Step 2: Making the puppet

First we had to find a flexible, but resistant piece of aluminum.

Then we cut out the shape of the puppet and painted it.

Step 3: Animating!

After the puppet was done and functioning for our purpose, we started setting up the scene, with a green screen for background and positioning the camera for the right angle.

Then we started taking pictures, animating the puppet and following our plan for the different scenes we had to do. 

Animating is the hard part here, where you have to be precise, patient and calm in order to get a good result. The goal is to convince the audience that this bathroom sign is real, moving like a real human being, so you can't make any short cuts when animating. 

For stop motion animating we use "Dragonframe", a stop motion software. This software was also used when making movies like Frankenweenie, ParaNorman and the Brazilian movie: Worms (Minhocas)

Step 4: Post Production

When all the scenes we needed were finished animated, we took our material into post production. Because we used a green screen, this had to be fixed and replaced with the proper background. 

Then we added the music chosen by the client, and the finished result is shown in the beginning of this post. We hope you like our work. If you have any questions or critique, please feel free to contact us.

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